friendship 2.0

lisa simpson:

I started a Soundcloud account recently and left a comment on my first podcast today. It was “Mindful Cyborgs” which I’ve been subscribed to via RSS for a while and which I always make a point to listen to.

The guest was Zeynep Tufekci, who was an interesting guest and spoke about the algorithms which Facebook uses to decide what to show people when they log in.

It was a good episode. There was one offhand comment from Zeynep which stuck out for me:

“I have friends who don’t have a lot of likes on their content but are still my friends and unless I go out of my way to check on them, Facebook doesn’t show them to me a lot and it does make me wonder what I’m missing…”

I put a comment on there: “maybe friendship *is* going out of your way to check on people..?”

Maybe not in this context, who knows. Anyway it was a sentence taken slightly out of context but it made me think about how much we can rely on software now to do things and to save us time and energy.

It might take a bit more work (or a lot more work!) but… that’s what friends are for.

Of course, goodness knows what ‘friend’ even means once you’re dealing with Facebook. Maybe we need a new word.

one more time


Here we go again…

This is probably the tenth iteration of this blog. I’ve installed, uninstalled and reinstalled WordPress several times.
But this time I think this one will last. I’ve had a little talk with myself and renegotiated how I’m going to interact with the internet.

If I feel so inclined, I might post some of my thoughts here. If not, I’m at least going to be dumping off links to posts, podcasts and stuff that I’ve found interesting or useful. Mainly as a reference to myself.