About me

Hi, I’m Matt Holland. I live with my family in a town called Lewes in the UK.

In my current job I teach computing skills, usually concentrating on teaching people how to use accessibility software – screenreaders, magnifiers etc. It’s a nice thing to be able to do.

Outside of work I enjoy some pretty basic stuff. Cooking, walking, camping out – that kind of thing. As I work with computers I do try and stay offline when I can, but I do enjoy messing about with technology (despite the fact that I usually have little to no clue of what I’m doing!) – hence this website.

About this site

This site is very much a work-in-progress. I’m currently learning about basic webdesign – HTML, CSS and Javascript. As I learn more, I hope to build on and improve my site.

There are three main things that have inspired me to learn to code:


Working with screenreaders and magnification software, which I do on a daily basis at my work, really shows you how important good web design can be. Knowing a bit about how websites are put together should enable me to work out what is going on when the software misbehaves. Also I’m hoping to get familiar with a few of the new web standards (eg ARIA landmarks). As screenreader software can use them to help users navigate websites, having some idea of what they are an how they work will be a useful teaching tool.


I helped crowdfund a new, subscription-based and developer-friendly, social networking platform called app.net when it was announced a couple of years ago. I’ve been lucky enough to meet many, many wonderful and inspiring people on alpha.app.net, a microblogging platform built on the app.net API, most of whom are coders and developers. There were loads of conversations about the API and how they were plugging into it, and I found myself wishing I could build something too. I never did though. Now’s my chance – whether with the app.net API or something else.


I’m hoping to “indiewebify” my site and make it as indieweb-compliant as possible. I used to host this site on WordPress, where I could do it pretty easily using a custom theme and some plugins. Not so easy on my own site, as I’m not really all that sure about some of the bits of coding. But having something to work toward is a good motivator to learning…

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Matt Holland
Middle-aged man, based in the UK